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(7/2012) President's message (John J. Scrivens, Jr., ‘72 President)

We Can Do That

John J. Scrivens, Jr. NDPAC's presidentI would like to thank you all for this opportunity to continue serving as president of the National Diamondback Pharmacy Alumni Council (NDPAC).  When you have important things to do, there never seems to be enough time to do them, so it is important to make the most of the time that you have.  In my opinion, preparing for the future of NDPAC is the greatest contribution we can make during my tenure, and I intend for us to make the most of it with the time we have in doing just that.  This will require the collective efforts of Diamondbacks everywhere.  And we can do that.

Shortly after the swearing in of the new officers, someone commented that our new agenda looks a lot like my old one. Well, that insight is because our main goal is still to facilitate the longevity of NDPAC. What we needed to do in 2011-12 was difficult to accomplish in a year, mainly because developing a contemporary infrastructure for improving communications, building membership, revitalizing local chapters, and building an effective fund-raising process just takes time. But that’s what alumni organizations do. When asked “Why should I support the College, and what will my support provide?" national officers, local presidents, and others serving to recruit members should all be on the same page and have good answers. It is no longer sufficient to just say to a graduate that the FAMU College of Pharmacy needs you, and they give their full, enthusiastic support. When we respond, we have to nourish that alum's will to support with a consistent and sensible message. And we can do that.

For NDPAC to thrive for another 42 years, we have to develop a good product with an effective marketing strategy now. Our clients (graduates) count on us to justify their support of FAMU in such ways that they feel well appreciated for the good that they do - and will continue to do. We can provide that justification with good leadership from our elected officers and chapter presidents who all bring something good from all areas. As a caveat, local chapters should ensure that their members enjoy doing good things. For example, the Suncoast Council Diamondbacks educates their community and attend concerts together. Tampa Bay Chapter parlays with Bay Area-assigned students on many community events and social occasions, and the Tallahassee Chapter partners with the College on their massive Diabetes Health Initiative every year. The Lovely Atlanta Council offers a beautiful hand-made quilt as a fund-raiser, and The Potomac (Washington D.C.) Council’s fundraiser enabled them to present two scholarships to Phi Lambda Sigma pharmacy students in Tallahassee last spring. So you see, we all have our unique resources and the potential for making supporting the College fun. We can all do that.

Each individual Diamondback should remember that none of us got here without help from someone who cared. FAMU itself has never received all the support that it needed from the state, but has relied on the commitment, generosity, and gratitude of former students who walked her hallowed halls to fill in the voids. In order to remain a "Center of Excellence", it is vital, now more than ever, that we support the FAMU College of Pharmacy - both financially and professionally, in the academic and health institutions, and in the local communities wherever Diamondbacks exist. And we can do that.

FAMU Forever

John J. Scrivens, Jr., ‘72 President Download Portable Document File (PDF) OF THE President's message


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