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(6/2013) President's message (Michelle K. Rutledge, PharmD, President )


Michelle K. Rutledge, PharmD, NDPAC's presidentDear Fellow National Diamondback Pharmacists:

Greetings! First, thank you for electing me to the office of President. I pledge to continue to build on NDPAC’s solid foundation of leadership and rich legacy. Thank you also to our officers and their efforts to keep the National Diamondback Pharmacy Alumni Council, (NDPAC), a viable organization.

My goals for the coming two years will be the continued support of the mission of the National Diamondback Pharmacy Alumni Council (NDPAC). The three focus areas which I believe can help us achieve our goals are: Membership, Creating A Culture of Giving, and the Annual Convention.

Membership including focus on FAMU COPPS Relations – The goal will be to increase financially ACTIVE membership by reaching out to recent graduates and also “seasoned” graduates. In addition, I believe one way to show the value of NDPAC to students and encourage participation upon graduation is to foster a “connection” as they matriculate through the pharmacy program.

Creating A Culture of Giving – A benefit of being a member is giving back to our beloved Alma mater and investing in the future of pharmacy: We all have been helped in some way because someone gave back. That small but important culture is the essence of our future. Last year, some examples of our success in giving were providing Lexicomp to P3-4 Students, providing student support to attend a National Pharmacy convention, and serving as preceptors for P4 students completing their clinical rotations.

In 2007-08, NDPAC established a $100,000 endowment with the FAMU Foundation for the FAMU College of Pharmacy. A beautiful plaque hangs prominently in the College to commemorate the generous donors. Proceeds from that endowment are intended to provide perpetual support for the College and student activities. Some examples of Culture of Giving initiatives designed to provide ongoing financial support from alumni participants include:
Automatic Bank Deduction Program; Website Deposits; Direct Mail to NDPAC; Local Chapter Scholarship Programs; Employer Matching Contribution to NDPAC

Annual NDPAC convention - Lastly, I would like to strongly encourage an increase in our attendance of the annual NDPAC convention. It is a very worthwhile, tax-deductable investment. Obtaining CE in an exotic location among fellow FAMU pharmacy graduates is both a benefit of NDPAC membership and a priceless social and networking experience! Our annual NDPAC convention usually begins the third weekend in June. Next year, in 2014, the convention location will be in Toronto, Canada, in conjunction with the Toronto Jazz Festival.

Watch the mail, both e-mail and “snail” mail and please visit our NDPAC website,, for new ventures the NDPAC will initiate. It’s an exciting time to be a pharmacist, as we see evolving roles of our profession such as medication therapy management (MTM), immunizations, and seeking provider status. Let’s get to work NDPAC and let us continue to earn the coveted title of Best HCCBC Alumni Organization!

Go Rattlers! FAMU Forever!

Michelle K. Rutledge, PharmD, President
FAMU COPPS c/o ‘00 See PDF version


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