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(4/2012) President's message (John J. Scrivens, Jr., ‘72 President)

Dear Fellow Pharmacy Alumni,

John J. Scrivens, Jr. NDPAC's presidentIt is indeed an honor to have been elected President of the National Diamondback Pharmacy Alumni Council (NDPAC) for 2011 - 2012. With all of the challenges facing the profession, the state of Florida, FAMU, and the College of Pharmacy, it is very important for the Council to function as a strong, cohesive unit so that we can be counted upon when needed. That means that the NDPAC has to provide the environment for FAMU pharmacy graduates to get involved in addressing all of the important functions required of NDPAC.

The NDPAC has been blessed with great leadership over the past 41 years. The Council provides health education in many cities where we have established chapters, participates in the experiential training of our students, and answers the call when financial support for academic-related activities is needed. The NDPAC has come to be identified with some exciting alumni meetings and conventions, according to FAMUans, friends, and alumni of other HBCUs. In 2009, we established an endowment in the FAMU Foundation totaling more than $100,000 for the FAMU College of Pharmacy. So, for these and other reasons, we are and should be a proud bunch.

However, like any other “volunteer” organization, NDPAC still suffers from “participation pains.” Led by people who are over-committed with work, family, church, etc., we must recruit and engage a membership who is also busy. None-the-less, the need for that engagement exists. Over the next few months I plan for us to build our membership to its greatest levels, and introduce ways for our members to engage in NDPAC in a variety of ways – depending on your own motivations. You may want to engage in Chapter or in individual fundraising projects. You may want to share your ideas and help make the NDPAC and great place to be. You can get your CEs at some of the most exciting locations during our 42nd Annual Convention, along with your own friends and family.

I am calling on alumni of all ages and generations to come together and GET INVOLVED. The Council is only as strong as we can make it, and we cannot make it strong without you. Come on in and let us know what we need to keep you in. This is an important time for FAMU and the College of Pharmacy, and NDPAC needs to be there to support her. RATTLERS have always stepped up when needed, and this time is no different. So, come on Rattlers, WE’RE WAITING FOR YOU.

RATTLERS Forever!!

John J. Scrivens, Jr. Download Portable Document File (PDF) OF THE President's message


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